My big Tigger can be a bit intimidating
until you get to know him

My friend Pooh is teaching
me all about being a Honey

I really like my big soft frog.  He tells me not
to get "hopping mad" when it's feeding time

Hanging out under my

Rehearsing Shakespeare with Mom.  My Uncle Johnny
is an English Professor - maybe he will help me with my
literature exams when I get older

To Be Or Not To Be
That Is The Question

My Doll helps keep me company
while I sleep

Mom gives me my medicine
to help my Reflux

I feel a lot better now - no more
stomach cramps for a while

Thanks Nora and Ian - I really love my blanket

I'm not sure what to do now -
if in doubt just cry .....

Relaxing with Mom and Pooh

I went to have lunch with my Dad at work.
Everyone thought I was really cute.

I don't mind now, but I'm sure when I get older those
Mayan masks Dad has on the wall will be a little scary.

Mom took this cute picture of me asleep in the
car looking through the rear view mirror

Maybe when I grow up I could go into the movie business.
How do you like my Quasimodo impression?        
"The Bells, The Bells......."                  

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