A proud Dad carries Foster out
of the delivery room

Grandma gets to hold baby for
the very first time

A very happy Grandma with her
first grandchild

Foster in the nursery getting checked out

Look at all this gunk they put in my eyes
- then they stuck a big needle in my thigh
- and another needle in my foot
- can someone put me back in!!!

Do I have to scream until I'm blue in
the face to get some peace and quiet

Dad comforts Foster

A Proud Mom gets to hold Foster
for the first time

Baby's first feeding - some glucose
to help her low blood sugar

Foster relaxing in the nursery in the
middle of her tests

Foster pretending she is lying out on
a Florida beach catching the sun

Anne and Foster after her first feeding

It's been a LONG day for both
Anne and Foster

Even Dad's can never spend enough
time holding the baby

Grandma burping the baby

Foster wakes up for her second feeding

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