DECEMBER 2000 - Road Trip !!

South Bend Indiana to Hollywood Florida - that's quite a trip for someone of my age
1,500 miles and normally a 24 hour drive with only potty breaks.
Of course at 3 months old I take lots of potty breaks, and also have to be fed
every 2 - 4 hours, so Mommy and Grandma took 3 days to get there.....

It's December and do you know what that means....
ROAD TRIP to Florida!!!!!!

Grandma, Mom and I got to drive to Florida for the holidays.
I'm ready for the Florida sun!!!!!

I got to sleep over in a hotel for the first time.....

Hey I think I like this big bed better than my little one

Grandma said it's tradtion to eat KFC in your hotel room...
that;s what she used to do with her mom
when they went on vacation

Sometimes it was so cold outside
Mommy had to change my diaper right in the car

We stopped in a cute little town called
Mount Dora.

When we got to hollywood
Grandpa had tried to decorate for me
with a sign that said
 "Welcome Princess Foster"

This is my friend Abigail

I got to go to her birthday party
while we were in Florida

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