Foster Margaret Payne - born 27th August 2000

Place of Birth: Memorial Hospital, South Bend, Indiana
Time of Birth: 1:42 pm


8lbs 10oz
Length: 21 1/4 inches
Hair: lots & dark
Head: 14 inches
Chest: 14 inches

Foster Meets The Easter Bunny - Happy Easter EveryoneClick on the image for a larger picture


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Mon 26th Feb 2001: It's been way too hectic to keep up with the news on this page, so we are going to abandon this section in favour of something new.  We also just moved into our new home at so it's time for some web site spring cleaning.  Watch out for some new developments, and enjoy my new photos.  Foster xxx

Sun 1st Oct: We took Foster off the Reflux medicine a few days ago as it was making her scream for hours and also gave her the shakes.  She still sicks up, but is much happier and sleeping better - as many as 5 hours at a time.  Foster is 5 weeks old today and has now learned to smile at Dad.

Sun 24th Sep: Well, whoever said looking after a baby was hard work wasn't kidding!!!   Foster is doing well and has put on over a pound from her birth weight.  Her eye has now almost cleared up as well, but she does have Reflux and Collic, which means she gets bad stomach pains and also has to take medicine and wait 30 mins before feeding.  The record now stands at 2+ hours of continuous screaming without a break.  Other than that things are going fine - Foster is generally sleeping better at night and several soothing baby CD's are really helping with that.  Grandpa came to visit for a few days last week, but now he and Grandma have gone home to Florida, so we are alone and learning to adapt to our new family life.

Sun 10th Sep: Foster is settling in well at home.  She passed her first check-up with flying colors, and apart from a runny eye (which has now mostly cleared up), she is doing fine, and putting back those lost ounces.  We are all suffering from lack of sleep, but Foster is a real bundle of joy.

Thu 31st Aug: Foster comes home.

Tue 29th Aug:  Foster turns a bit blue while feeding on Monday afternoon, so they put her on a monitor just to be sure.  Most likely she just has to learn to breath and feed at the same time.  24 hours later she is still fine and no recurrence.

Sun 27th Aug:  SHE'S HERE!!!  Foster Margaret is born at 1:42pm.

Sat 26th Aug:  Anne being kept in overnight pending test results.  A C-Section is scheduled for 1pm Sunday, but she may be allowed to go home if the tests show ok.  It looks like a C-Section is likely since the baby appears to be about 10lbs

Fri 25th Aug:  Anne admitted to hospital for 24 hours with high blood pressure

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