That was a cool ride in the van
Can't wait to see my new home
and my nursery

Cuddling up with Uncle Jimmy

Hey - is that a giraffe or a dinosaur

I don't know if i'm too
sure about this swing

Thanks Christie for the great
outfit and bunny - i'm looking
forward to wearing it when i'm a
bit bigger and the bunny will
help when I start teething

I just love my Pooh outfit

My Grandpa loves frogs, so he's
sure to love my big Froggy
play mat

"Got Milk?"

I'm cuddling up with my Tigger
but i'm all out of bounce

My Aunty Pam came up from Nashville to see me.  She came up with her Mom and Grandma, so that made 2 families with 3 generations of girls in my house.

Mom and I with Pam

I'm trying out my car seat before heading off to the Doctors
for my first check-up.  Time for a nap ....zzzzzzzzzz

As my outfit says, I'm
"Daddy's Little Angel"

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