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For those of you who don't live in the United States, the catholic University of Notre Dame is based in our home town of South Bend and is one of the most respected universities in the country.  It's famous football team "The Fighting Irish" is one of the top College Football teams and every home game is a sellout at the 80,000 plus stadium on campus.

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I'm doing my Leprachaun impersonation
I'm wearing my "Little Irish Princess" outfit

Oh no they scored -
who called that play?

Do you think I'll make the
cheerleading squad?

Here I am with the status of former
ND football coach Moose Krause

I went for a stroll in Notre Dame with Mom and Dad.
This is Mom and I outside the Administration building.

Another view of the Administration building
with the famous Notre Dame Golden Dome

Notre Dame has a really pretty campus.  If Daddy makes
lots of money then maybe I can go here one day.

They call this fountain "Stonehenge" for some reason.
My Grandad ought to know why - he lives close to the
real Stonehenge in England.  Behind is the Library.

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