The nursery is all ready
just waiting for baby to arrive

Getting the nursery ready for the big day.
The theme is "Classic Pooh".
Just hope our poppet likes it.

I've even got Pooh cushions on my couch

I even have  a huge Pooh and Tigger and a Pooh mobile for my crib.   This big frog is really soft and cute - my Grandpa likes frogs.
I can't wait to show him this one, and my woolly lamb.

I have even more Pooh figures on my dresser,
some Pooh tapes to listen to, and a great photo
frame from Christie who works with Daddy.

Grandma to be arrives from Florida

Mom and Dad to be waiting for the happy event

Proud Gramdma shows off the t-shirt
Anne made her to fly up in.

"The Team" leading Anne off to get
prepped for her C-Section

Dad kitted up ready to go in and watch the big event.
  I don't think this outfit will ever be the height of fashion

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